some guy named Larry (lnhammer) wrote in wordsofonebeat,
some guy named Larry

Free works of one beat (sort of)

That is, sort of one beat -- not sort of free, for they are free. The folks who help the Gut's Berg Work do, in truth, a great Work -- they've put up all sorts of fine tales for all to read, and they add more all the time. And in with the rest, there are some tales in good words (more or less). It's right there in the names:

Swiss Clan Rob's Son in Words of One Beat
Rob's Son on His Own Isle in Words of One Beat
Chris on His Way to Christ in Words of One Beat

These all by one dame who wrote some ten score years since. I am in awe. Though not, I must say, quite the good kind of awe. But still, these have more good in them than

The Book of One Beats

which is fake sweet tales for a young child -- the sort that make me want to be gagged with a spoon. To get the taste of that out of your mouth, try these

Lives of the Head Men Told in Words of One Beat

I doubt if those from lands not my own will want to read this -- and to be sure, the guy who wrote it cheats like a cheap cheat with his long words with breaks. But still, at least his tales don't cloy like the fourth.

I'm sure there's more of these, down in the heap that is the Work's list of works, but I've yet to find them. If you meet one, please do post here and let the rest of us know.

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